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Birth of a Saucepan

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Narrated by Nina Christou

One day, Hodja knocks on his neighbour's door to borrow his saucepan. His friend is not pleased but unwillingly lends it to Hodja just to be a good neighbour.

Hodja returns the saucepan the following week with a smaller pan inside it. The neighbour is surprised " What is this small pan?" he asks. Hodja answers " My friend, your saucepan gave birth at our house". The man takes both saucepans without any objections, happy to have an idiot for a neighbour.

Next week, Hodja knocks on his door again asking for the saucepan again. This time, the man gives the saucepan to Hodja right away, thinking that there will be another saucepan at the end of this. Several weeks pass by, no news from Hodja. The neighbour worries a bit and knocks on Nasreddin's door. Hodja opens the door and asks, " What can I do for you my neighbour?" His neighbour says, " I came to ask for my saucepan back ".

Hodja answers " My condolences friend, your saucepan has died a few days ago". The man can't believe his ears " What are you talking about Hodja? How can a saucepan die?"

Hodja: "If you believe that a saucepan can give birth, then you should believe that it can die as well"


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The Fox And The Grapes

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Author: Jean de La Fontaine

Rosy and ripe, and ready to box,
The grapes hang high o'er the hungry Fox.–
He pricks up his ears, and his eye he cocks.

Ripe and rosy, yet so high!–
He gazes at them with a greedy eye,
And knows he must eat and drink–or die.

When the jump proves to be beyond his power–
"Pooh!" says the Fox. "Let the pigs devour
Fruit of that sort. Those grapes are sour!"


rosy = pink
prick (up) its ears = if an animal pricks up its ears, it raises them to listen to a sound.

cock an eye = to look very carefully


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